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Pathplayer is a benchmark product for public transport operators

The advancements in consumer technology such as smart phones and tablet PCs has provided individuals with easy and fast access to information, this has led to ever increasing user expectations for being informed at all times!  Pathplayer is a benchmark product for public transport operators, allowing them to keep on-board passengers informed in real time.


Pathplayer is an intelligent on-board passenger information system designed for public transport.  The core of the system is to provide ‘Next Stop’ information to on-board passengers and additionally acts as a information channel/tool for rail operators to keep passengers informed on any other aspects of their travel on the network.  Pathplayer® is a registered trademark of Tranz Products Ltd.  All rights reserved.

System Features

Key features of our Pathplayer system:

  • Displays visual information in-car on our ruggedized LED signs.
  • Displays route information using our LED route displays, typically mounted on front or side of rail car targeted at passengers on platform.
  • Remote access to on-board LED display system.
  • Plays automated audio announcements.
  • Comprehensive reporting and performance logs.
  • Various location based modes using GPS to suit rail network configuration.
  • Provide alerts to onboard staff for preset non saftey alarms, device status alerts and onboard audio calls between Staff to Staff and Passenger to Staff.
  • Provide engine idling alerts, engine running hours and GPS based distance travelled.

System Setup:

Pathplayer has a simple to operate user-interface with multiple options available to select and manage route information and custom messaging.  The system uses GPS to provide next stop information and uses cellular connectivity for remote data reporting to Pathplayer Server.


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