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Onboard Communications

Providing back-end intelligence for on-board Public Address

Our on-board communication system is an extension of our digital public address system that allows on-board private communication such as between passenger and staff or staff and staff (including driver).   Our on-board communication system is also integrated with our Pathplayer passenger information system and can utilize in-car LED signs/public address for friendly call alerts to on-board staff.

Our on-board communication device sends bi-directional digital information over our Digital Audio Backbone.  The data packet routing is automatically managed by our advanced controllers. 


Key features of our onboard communication system are:

  • Ability to make audio call between passenger and staff or staff and staff (including driver).
  • Offers both full duplex and half duplex modes of communication.
  • Friendly call alerts by using LED signs and pre-recorded voice over public address system.


  • Complete out of the box onboard communication system.
  • Ability to retrofit with third-party or existing Public Address system.


PA Controller


Our Digital Audio Backbone Controllers provide smart digital audio communication pathway for our Digital Public Address device to reliably communicate bi-directional in a de-centralized control fashion.  These Audio Backbone controllers discipline the over-all data traffic by utilizing packet addressing and prioritizing.  

Our Digital Audio Backbone controllers are well engineered with in-built advanced data transmisison and data compression techniques allowing the system to work realiable without the need to installing high-speed data wiring.  This features make our Digital Audio Backbone Controllers suitable for retro-fit projects in upgrading outdated analog on-board communication or analog public address system as the client can utilize existing wiring and peripherals resulting in time and cost savings.

These controllers offers back-end intelligence for on-board public address and on-board communication system.  The front end peripherals such as public address amplifiers, automated passenger information announcements are integrated to the Digital Auido Backbone in a plug and play manner.

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