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Digital Public Address

Consistency in audio transmission delivery suitable for dynamic train configuration

Analog Public Address (PA) system commonly used on-board trains can be revolutionized by simply replacing analog audio transmission (commonly referred to as a trainline) with our innovative end to end digital audio system. Digitizing offers better resource utilization by opening access for multiple audio feeds for PA system and enable on-board private communication such as between passenger and staff/driver.

Our digital Public Address system is particularly suited for Rail environment that smartly addresses the common challenges faced by on-board analog PA systems such as volume fluctuations, priority switching, and multiple audio feeds.  The digital audio transmisison quality is unaffected by the change in train configuration such as adding more cars to the trainset.  This attribute makes our digital Public Address system suitable for Rail operations where trainsets change configuration either by changing number of cars or running multiple trainset as coupled together.


Key features of our on-board Digital Public Address system are:

  • End to End Digital information transmission offering easy expansion and enabling multiple audio feeds to utilize the PA system.
  • Manage multiple audio feeds in a priority based manner.
  • Offers a robust digital audio transmission path for on-board audio calls.
  • Suitable for retro-fit projects in upgrading analog PA system.
  • Unlike analog PA system our digital audio transmission significantly reduces the effects of component value drifting or interference from noisy environment.
  • Offers future expansion by adding more devices in a plug and play manner.
  • Our Digital Public Address system does not demand high speed data transmission cabling making it suitable for retro-fit PA projects.


  • Complete out of the box Public Address system.
  • Retrofit with existing Analog Public Address system.


Adio Digitizer

Digital Public Address Controller Part Number:

  • TP-DPAID-G2-R2-A



A wireless handheld Digital Public Address Microphone for special service trains operated during '2011 Rugby World Cup, New Zealand'

 (Image of a Prototype)


Our Wireless Handheld Digital Public Address Microphone was custom designed to facilitate on-board train staff in Auckland Metro Trains to make in-car public address announcements from anywhere inside the car or from the platform during '2011 Rugby World Cup - New Zealand'.

These controllers also referred by our client as 'Remote PA Mic' or 'Public Address (PA) Handheld' is a low power, individually addressed and offers excellent audio quality.

Our Part Number:

  • Handheld Tx = On-board Digital Public Address (Wireless)


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