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3rd Party Equipment

Delivering cost effective integrated solutions

We believe in delivering a cost effective integrated solutions for our clients that may involve third-party equipment or existing equipment where we will identify and solve actual problem rather than proposing a complete system replacement.  We have our own proven reliable products and technical skills to develop new solutions and we work with our clients to avoid rework where possible.

Our clients have the option of supplying us the third-party equipment that we can integrate for them or we can provide a complete solution being a single point of contact in delivering a complete turn key system. 

We work closely with our clients in understanding their requirements and offer in-depth analysis, detailed project plan, manage production/supply, provide technical support and training.

We have supply relations with various suppliers for:

  • CCTV Equipment.
  • Door Buttons.

We are fully committed to successfully deliver an integarted cost-effective complete solution to our customers.