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Pathplayer controllers are rugged and can be divided into two roles:

Passenger Information Display (PID) Controller which is responisble for providing GPS based next stop information to LED displays/TMS controller and also can provide remote data reporting via Pathplayer Server (optional).  If the train only has PID Controller (no TMS controller) then PID controller also plays automated audio files.

Train Monitoring System (TMS) Controller which is responsible for all the audio communication (calls, PA, automated announcement), send messages to LED displays and staff panels/PC user interface.  TMS controller monitor and raise alarms for non-safety critical signals onboard.  Any signal with safety function must be wired directly to train control system and monitored independent of our TMS Controller/System.  TMS controller is designed to operate standalone on-board and do not provide remote access i.e. no Server option.

Both PID and TMS controller offers small LCD, buttons/keypad as user-interface.

Pathplayer Controller Part Numbers:

  • TP-PPC-G2-R2-A (PID Controller)
  • TP-PPC-A (TMS Controller)
  • TP-PPC-A-V3 (TMS Controller)



Our LED signs are custom made to fit the available installation space in the vehicle.  Appropriate type and brand of LEDs are selected to achieve application specific viewing angle and viewing distance.  We have also integrated third-party LED signs to our on-board system as part of retro-fit projects on various types of Metro trains.



LED display Part Numbers:

  • TP-TFI-8x192-50A (In-car LED Display)
  • TP-16x96-50Y (Side LED Route Display)
  • TP-16x64-50Y (Front LED Route Display)


Where required we can provide PC Application based user interface to provide device monitoring status for non safety critical signals.  The PC based user interface is more user friendly (graphical) compared to Pathplayer Controller small LCD display and can also displays active call icons between staff to staff (including driver) and Passenger to Staff.  PC kit includes staff handset for audio calls.

PC Kit Part Number:

  • TP-HSP-A


Our audio system allows passenger to contact staff when required by pressing a call button on our passenger call panels.  Passenger call panels are part of our onboard digital system and can be installed at desired locations such as doors, toilets or tables.  Call button has an indpendent contact (outside of our system) that must be wired directly to train control system as a backup signal to alert staff in an event if our system is not operational.  Passenger call panel shape can be customized to facilitate installation or to suit train interiors. 

Passenger Call Panel Part Numbers:

  • TP-SPM-A-DR (For Door)
  • TP-SPM-A-TL (For Toilet)
  • TP-SPM-A-TBR (For Table with call button on right side of the call panel)
  • TP-SPM-A-TBL (For Table with call button on left side of the call panel)



Our crew call panels are part of our onboard digital system and allows staff to make PA annuncements, answer passenger calls, make staff to staff calls and staff to driver calls.  Crew call panels also has a small LCD that provide call or alarm information from TMS Controller.  Crew panels uses a handset and push buttons for user interface.  Crew panels can be located close to doors and panel shape can be customized to faciliatte installation or to suit train interiors.

Crew Call Panel Part Number:  

  • TP-HSL-A



Our speaker kit receive digital audio from our digital audio system.  Speaker kit can use different style/size of speaker to suit train interiors/installation.  Our speaker kit is also capable of feeding audio to thrird-paty device such as hearing loop amplifier.

Speaker Part Number:

  • TP-SP-A



GPS Controller

Our GPS controller is specifically designed to suit public transport applications that demands high reliability.  The controller has options to plug third-party external GPS receiver and also has in-built GPS engine that utilizes railway spec antenna suitable to operate under overhead lines.

GPS Controller Lite

Our GPS Controller outputs standard NMEA 0183 data format multiple feeds that can be utilized by on-board equipment.  These feeds are specifically designed to eliminate any grounding issues among various system. 

GPS Controller Part Numbers:

  • TP-GPSC-EM-R2-A  (On-board GPS, Engine and Generator Hours reporting)
  • TP-GPSCL-EM-R2-A (Engine and Generator Hours reporting only)