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Our Services

Tranz Products design rugged electronic products. Our selected range of products has the added advantage of using Information Technology services provided by our 'in-house' developed and managed Web Server known as the 'Pathplayer® Server'.

Our products are designed to operate as a 'stand-alone' system with the extra option of using Pathplayer® Server for remote monitoring and data access.  These remote access features are preferred by users where manual access options can be time consuming and costly such as data retrieval from devices that are installed in vehicles.  Pathplayer® Server also offers a range of reports and alert options by email and SMS.

Our Pathplayer® Server compatible products seemlessly integrate with the Pathplayer® website where the users can simply login and start using their application specific built-in Pathplayer® web features. 

Our products have the advantage of using Pathplayer® Server




  • Remote Text Messaging to in-car LED displays.
  • Route based reporting (Journey Time).
  • Engine Running Hours and GPS based distance travelled reporting.
  • Engine Idling Alerts.
  • Generator Running Hours reporting. 




We are a electronic product development firm that has turned visionary product ideas into reality. 


Customize Solution to Solve a Problem

We have a considerable experience with system integration and providing custom made solution to overcome a challenge or resolving a issue. 

As part of initial assessment phase we carry out a detailed research or fault analysis.  Then openly discuss the available options with our client. 

Working closely with our clients have saved them complete systems replacement and given us a very strong client retention where our clients have widely appreciated our problem solving expertise and product reliability.

The common challenges of these projects were integrating and overcoming the limitations of problematic third-party equipment.  By working together with our client and applying out proven design techniques we have successfully delivered custom made solutions as part of various retro-fit projects.