On-Board Passenger Information System

An overview of Pathplayer onboard passenger information system

Intelligent innovatively decentralized rugged system

Pathplayer Passenger Information system is an intelligent innovatively decentralized (networked) rugged system.  The devices are embedded system (microcontroller) based making them fast to respond, easy to install in a plug and play manner.  Our network ready modules allow easy future expansion without the need for running new cables for every add-on device.

Pathplayer controllers are responsible for playing automated next stop announcements and display text on various type of networked LED displays.  The audio component of Pathplayer controller has the capability to operate as a standalone unit on the train line network where required.

LED Internal Displays - are used to display text that includes 'Next stop' information, custom messaging, date and time.  The system can accommodate various types of displays that can vary in sizes, color, and number of lines.  This versatility makes Pathplayer controller as a standard controller across different type of vehicle (trains) across the fleet.

LED Route Displays - are used to display train route information to passengers on the platform.  These displays are generally installed in front and/or side of cars.  Pathplayer controller has the capability to communicate with different types of LED route displays on the on-board data network making the system universal across the fleet.

Train Manager Call Button - is based on our network ready 'Input/Output (IO) controller' that triggers a special routine in Pathplayer controller known as ‘on-board train manager call message’.  This message plays a pre-recorded file and displays text on in-car LED signs alerting the Train Manager to contact the driver.

Doors Trigger - Pathplayer Controller senses a trigger from train door system to play a safety audio message before doors are closed.  Pathplayer played audio file warns the passengers in advance to stay clear of the closing doors for their safety.  The audio file is a user friendly message in addition to other train door closing alarms that are part of the train control system.