Onboard digital public address system

An overview of our on-board digital public address system

Consistency in information delivery

Our Digital Audio Backbone is an innovative method to reliably transfer digital audio information on the trainline ensuring consistent information delivery in every car of the trainset.

Our Digital Audio Backbone brings a discipline to the typical on-board Public Address system by automatically managing various Digital Audio streams in a priority based fashion eliminating a scenario where multiple audio feeds or voices are being broadcasted over each other.

Our Digital Audio Backbone has the provision to easily expanded in a plug and play manner to accomodate more front-end PA audio input devices (such as a radio) when required offering flexibility and resource sharing (in this case on-board Public Address system). 

Digital Audio Backbone features include:

  • Our Digital Audio Backbone automatically manages various audio feeds for on-board Public Address system.
  • Ensures consistent information delivery making the system reliable.
  • Has provision to add more audio feeds when required to the exsiting Public Address system.
  • Suitable for retro-fit Public Address projects.