Pathplayer vehicle server

An overview of our Pathplayer vehicle server

Keeping passengers informed at all times

Tranz Products understands the public transport environment particular railways and our aim is to keep passengers informed at all times.  Our Pathplayer system is designed to practically deliver value to train operator, maintainer and the end user (i.e. passengers) by offering multiple communication options to keep passengers informed and comprehensive on-board system status information useful for servicing purposes.

Pathplayer from ground up is specifically designed for public transport that fulfils the passenger communication demands in a timely manner.  Our Pathplayer Vehicle Server is a useful tool allowing users to remotely deliver and obtain on-board information in a timely-manner.

Pathplayer Vehicle Server features include:

  • Enables operators to keep their passengers informed at all times.
  • Offers fleet visibility and on-board system status information.
  • Indicates operational information based on GPS data.
  • Allows remote custom messaging (text for LED displays).