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Case Study for Value Added Services

16 March 2011

Value Added Service: A Retrofit Custom Design Job for Type 'A' Auckland Metro Trains.


The Onboard Passenger Information System in Type 'A' Auckland Trains had ongoing data transmission errors on their LED signs. Upon system analysis we found that these errors were due to a combination of existing weak LED sign communication module and the data cabling setup in these trains. Replacing the existing data cabling was a difficult task and would result in lengthy down-time for our customer, so this was not an option! 

A challenge was to improve data transmission reliability utilizing exsiting data wiring and LED displays.


We worked closely with our client carrying out in-depth analyzing of the situation.  Then we designed a customized data module in-house to trial on-site as a prototype. Various versions of this module was tested both on-site and in-house until the results ensured 100% data transmission reliability over existing data cabling setup.

Working with our client various new test procedures were developed that assisted in successful install. Based on the extensive testing and analysis a final version of the customized data module was developed.  This data module was rolled out for all Type 'A' train LED signs.  

As a result of collective team effort the third-party LED signs on Type 'A' trains are performing without any hindrances.

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