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Case Study for Product Customization

12 April 2011

Product Customization: Extra Functionality For Pathplayer System for Type 'G' Wellington Metro Train.


As part of a fleet upgrade project for Wellington Type 'G' metro trains Pathplayer system was selected for the pilot trainset.  Pathplayer system fullfilled our client's on-board passenger information requirements.  As an extra feature our client desired to utilize on-board Pathplayer system to alert on-board staff by using audio visual pre-set messaging manually triggered by the driver.  The purpose of this extra routine was to advise on-board staff to contact the driver.

Type 'G' trains consists of two cars where driver can drive from either end of the car.  But there is only one Pathplayer controller per train which obviously not accessible to driver from his cab on both end.  The idea was to trigger this special audio visual messaging by pushing a button on the driver dashboard but our client did not wanted to run extra wiring for this feature.   


Pathplayer is our fully in-house designed product so we designed a network enabled Input Output (IO) controller compatible with on-board Pathplayer netwrok that senses push button on the driver dashboard.  This IO controller was installed in both the driver cabs of Type 'G' train  and automatically triggers the pre-set audio visual messaging when driver pushes the spacial button labelled as 'CALL T/M' (i.e. Call Train Manager).

In this case we were able to meet our client's extra requirement by adding custom-designed device (IO Controller) to our system.

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